Visible Monday: Nightgown

Good Morning World!  I know it is morning because I am still in my nightgown.

I bought two nursing nightgowns when pregnant with Arlo but I wear them almost exclusively as dresses.  Because I am all about style.  This Visible Monday I paired the black nightgown with my favorite tee, threw on some eyeliner and earrings and called it an outfit.


If my hands were not on my waist I would look like a large domino.

This look on my face sums up how I feel about this sad, droopy ensemble:


I almost never layer so I had high hopes when choosing to pair this nightgown and tee.  I had also just gotten my haircut the night before so I was feeling pretty full of myself.  Then the camera.

I should have realized neither of these items fit when I felt so comfortable in them.  Another Visible Monday, another lesson learned.  On a positive note, I have been saving a pair of white jeans (o.m.g.) to dye and get back in to this fall.  They should be tight flattering as hell and I think I will definitely revisit this tank/tee layered look when I get that DIY on.

When all is said and done this Visible Monday, at least I gained some inspiration.

Hooking up with Patti over at Not Dead Yet Style today, if she’ll have me.


3 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Nightgown

  1. Hello Lisa – I don’t see any sadz in this outfit! Love your haircut, the earrings are fab and the shirt is funky-cute. I would like to dress for the day starting with my nightie, but it never works out as well as this! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xoxo


  2. (Sorry to be so late getting back to you! ) Looking pretty smart and smartypants … that’s a good thing! Clever girl.
    This puts a whole new spin on the creativity it takes to shop ones closet. You’re looking so cool these days!


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