The Strangest Thing I Saw All Week

I was browsing Amazon for long sleeve onesies for Farrah and took a closer look at this beauty:

I wish I could reach my bottle

So simple and vibrant and also totally batshit crazy with the scripted stem reading “I wish I could reach my bottle“.  I can’t decide if that is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen or just the strangest.  “I’m starving but haven’t developed the gross motor skills yet to feed myself,” as executed in a cheerful floral motif.

To make that oogy feeling go away, click HERE for the “7 Ways To Tell If You Are A Bad-Ass Woman” (as if you didn’t know) from Upworthy.

“This little girl and her awesome dad are protesting sexual violence in India.”

I’m gonna go ahead and do my best damn Beyonce dance.

Happy Weekend!


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