Visible Monday: Animal Print Pants

Rush, rush, rush this morning.  I can’t believe I got dressed, put on earrings and smeared eyeliner on my face.  If only I’d smacked on some lipstick and under eye concealer . . .

Animal Print


Pair three of the four pants garnered from Goodwill are these linen pair from Chico’s.  Rrrrrrawr.  Or whatever sound a monochrome giraffe would make.  With a drawstring waist and neutral print they are perfect for summer.  And if I keep washing and putting them in the dryer instead of taking them to the dry cleaners, they’ll be shorts by next summer!   Wheeeee.  I pair them today with this layered ruffled tank from Target.  This is a great shirt because those layers cover up leaky drops of breastmilk.  File that right under Things You Didn’t Need To Know.

The best thing about these pants is that they look just like my pajama pants I’ve had for a few years:

Animal Print

It’s like I quadrupled my wardrobe with this single purchase.

See you next Monday!  Head on over to Not Dead Yet Style where everyone will likely be better dressed than me today.  I need a do-over.


5 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Animal Print Pants

  1. Maybe not “rrrrrrrrawr”. More like “unnnnnnnh!” according to Google. What did I ever do before Google?
    Very cute giraffe prints, though. You’re so rapidly getting sleek, but are always gorgeous. Happy to see it.


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