Pot Shots – Part 1

I thought I’d share some dishes I’ve created lately and how they worked out from a non-cook’s perspective.  Who are you going trust, someone who loves to cook or someone who hates it and does it anyway?  I speak the truth yo.

Cod with Tomato and Orange

Pot Shots

Simply Recipes

Protein, veg and fruit in one forkful with starch on the side (rice or couscous).  Brilliant and easy.  Gorgeous too.  I would be proud to serve this in a coordinating Le Crueset at a dinner party.  Sadly, Kris hates olives and does not enjoy fruit in an entrée.  I love both.  This one I will probably never make again.  Marriage.

Skillet Lasagne (You have to be a member of Cooks Illustrated to get this recipe unless some stranger has posted it on her blog.  Thanks Stranger!)

Pot Shots

Great concept:  the best of traditional lasagna but in mashed-up form.  Lousy execution:  there are about 10 ingredients in this dish (strike 1) and every one of them needs to be prepped (strike 2).  It is very tasty and pretty, but the clean-up is a bitch (strike 3).  Kris will likely make this dish again before I do.  Despite its deliciousness, I would opt for toast with almond butter to avoid the hassle.  Every time.

Coconut Poached Mahi Mahi


Pinterest win.  Put five things in a pot, toss in fish fillets and cook.  Have recently added shiitake mushrooms because I’m so damned creative in the kitchen.  Use low-fat coconut milk and you can eat dinner at 9pm without too much guilt.  (It’s the four Hershey bars after that will get you.)

Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

Pot Shots

Eating Well Living Thin

Speaking of healthy, this recipe modifies the ingredient list so every item is lo-cal or lo-fat.  Blech.  Since its base is the uber-protein quinoa (which the rice cooker cooks), I just full fat everything.  Ugly, but delicious and satisfying in the gut.

More tomorrow.  I don’t want you to get too full.


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