Pot Shots – Part 2

I thought I’d share some dishes I’ve created lately and how they worked from a non-cook’s perspective.  Who are you going trust, someone who loves to cook or someone who hates it and does it anyway?  I speak the truth yo.

Orange Chicken with Asparagus

Pot Shots

Fitness Magazine

Just like the Cod dish from Pot Shots – Part 1, this baby provides protein, veg and fruit in one plate.  I can’t tell you much I love that.  I double the asparagus and really amp up the orange juice and zest – in fact the whole recipe is a bit limp (Fitness Magazine, sheesh) so just add more of everything!  This dish is so good my Mother-in-Law took the recipe home with her.

Peach Salad

Pot Shots

Not a pot shot but a delicious salad from Martha Stewart.  As good as it looks and if you’re like me you have these four things on hand all summer long.  I imagine you could substitute nectarines or any stone fruit.  Make sure they are really, really cold before slicing.  Oh Martha.  *swoon*

Red Sauce/Marinara/Pink Sauce/Gravy
Pot ShotsPot Shots

We’re about to go on vacation so I wanted to use all the fresh tomatoes our neighbors gifted us.  With onions, garlic, parm, salt, pepper, oregano, red pepper flakes and HALF AND HALF, this melded nicely before going in the freezer.  I love that stick blender – if I cared more about cooking I would go as far as to say it was my favorite kitchen tool.  I really enjoy smooth food.  Enough already with all this mastication.  ISN’T IT ENOUGH THAT I COOKED?  God, it never ends.  With this stick blender, I am fully prepared to lose all my teeth and survive.

Chick Pea & Cashew Coconut Curry

There’s no recipe linked because I made this up.  I was ready to make a chicken curry until I opened the package and nearly threw up.  Turns out chicken can break bad.  With no other protein in the house I was off to borrow some tofu or potatoes from our neighbor but he wasn’t home.  No worries because I am a genius* resourceful.

Pot Shots

We are a semi (?) Indian household so we always have a can of chick peas in the cupboard.  I no longer eat chips so we always have nuts on the shelf.  I treated the beans like chicken in that I browned them first, then I added the rest of the curry ingredients including a yellow squash.  What I did not add was a chili pepper despite having three in the fridge.  I cannot risk having those oils on my fingers with Farrah chomping on them all day long.  Parenthood.

We’re eating this tonight.  I hope its good.  I think it’s good and since I cooked it during precious, precious nap time, EVERYONE BETTER THINK SO TOO.

IMG_5757 IMG_5760

*Okay, less genius/more memory:

Pot Shots

And speaking of chick peas, here’s mine giggling when I crunch pita chips and what else – hummus – against her cheek:

Nom Nom Nom out there!


One thought on “Pot Shots – Part 2

  1. That video is precious! She is so adorable…I want to kiss those little cheeks too.

    I have been impressed with your past couple of posts…seeing your inner culinary diva come out and play. Everything looks really good too. I might be trying out a couple of the recipes you shared.


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