Visible Monday: White Jeans

Hello from San Francisco!


I wanted to show you what I packed for this trip but Farrah is sleeping in the same room as my clothes.  That doesn’t make any sense until I tell you she’s been up since 5:15am.  Not so much as a shutter click will threaten that child’s nap.

Today I’m wearing WHITE JEANS.  For real.  I have children, am on a 10-day trip with a single suitcase and one of the three pairs of pants I brought was white jeans.  They seemed perfect for San Francisco’s summer and so far, so good.  This red top, though one of my best colors, gives me a split personality:  I hate the neck because my bra straps always show but it’s wide enough to pull down and breastfeed.  I would never add an extra layer of fabric over my backside yet the coverage it provides makes me feel better about the white jeans.

And so it is.

Pretty plain but since it is summer in San Francisco I packed for layers.  This outfit really comes together with my Cardigan cardigan or denim jacket, neither of which I need today because the weather is so gorgeous.  Great post about style huh?  “What I was going to wear  . . . ”

As to the jewelry, the hoops were a wedding gift from Kris and have since become handles for Farrah.  The necklace is felt and except for the teething beads (Chewbeads), is the only necklace I wear these days; so soft for wobbly, bobble baby heads.  I picked it up at a craft show in Madison and I wish I bought the earrings to match.  Maybe next year.

Layers Layers

Happy Monday from California!

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3 thoughts on “Visible Monday: White Jeans

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