The Smartest Thing I Did All Week

While Farrah napped today I started packing, but since she sleeps where all our clothes are, I placed the hangers on the bed rather than back on the cling-clang rack.  Noise muffled, suitcase packed, nap saved.  Smart.


It was hard to say goodbye to Arlo and Kris as they embarked upon this morning’s San Francisco adventure.  We were ready to leave together but it just didn’t feel good taking Farrah out when she was clearly needing a nap.  I sleep better on a bed, in a cool and quiet room and I believe my kids do too.  So I kissed the fellas farewell as they boarded the train and went back inside.  After a diaper change and a good 40 minutes to settle back down, Farrah slept.  I packed and I waited.


Many times in that 40 minutes I thought about strapping her on and going out anyway – what was I waiting for?  How long would this go on?  We’re only on vacation for a few more days!  I’m starving!  But who would that serve in the end?  A little more patience, a little more work, a little more attention and she fell asleep.  In bed.  I scavenged the kitchen cupboards and waited.

Kris sent me lots of updates and I longed to be out and about on this gorgeous day with my gorgeous family in this gorgeous city.  I checked on Farrah.  I surfed the web.  I waited.

Farrah finally awoke with a whimper then a smile and I felt so good that her body and brain rested easy.  I took her outside in the California sunshine.  We walked up to the train platform and peered down the tracks.  I gave her a kiss hello and together we waited.


2 thoughts on “The Smartest Thing I Did All Week

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