Visible Monday: Green Sandals

These Visible Monday posts are valuable to me because week after week they show me what not to wear.  Come, dissect with me.

Green Sandals

As I mentioned in Optical Illusion, I am lucky to have a size 11 foot; lucky in that I could never become a shoe person as barely anyone designs for size 11 and lucky too in that when there is a great shoe available, it is almost always on clearance.   I bought these Via Spiga sandals several years ago and they are the real deal – high quality, very unique and somewhat impractical.  They go perfectly with my striped pants:

Green Sandals

What they do NOT go perfectly with however, are my size 11 legs:

Green Sandals

I am 5’8″.  Do those pants with those sandals make me look 5’8″?  They do not, no they do not.  I don’t know who can wear ankle-strapped sandals with cropped pants but friends, it is not me.  And yet do I ever learn?  Do I keep buying mary janes and ankle boots and green strappy sandals?  Yes.  Why?  Because they are in my size and on clearance.  But no more!  These sandals are henceforth reserved for maxi dresses and long pants only.  Can I get a witness?

Rather than pout or  – let’s be totally honest – change my clothes, I continue on this Visible Monday with my best accessory:

Green Sandals

My photo editing software.

Head on over to Not Dead Yet Style to see what Patti’s got going on.  Lesson learned!


7 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Green Sandals

  1. Lisa, I have the same problem with wearing certain length pants with certain style shoes. What does not work for me are ankle pants or leggings (unless I am wearing a long tunic over them) and I am not sure about capris either but I still wear them because I won’t wear shorts. For what it is worth, I have a correspondent currently visiting Paris and she wrote yesterday, “ladies, women in Paris are not wearing shorts or capris…it is all about skinny pants, dresses and skirts”. I practically lived in a black cotton skirt this summer…it was my go to for everything and I found it much cooler than other options.


    • What are these “shorts” you speak of? I have great summer dresses and skirts (what are these “skinny pants” you speak of?) but since I find myself walking about three miles mid-day every day, I need proper inner-thigh coverage. If you know what I mean. Pantz fa life!


  2. I don’t know what to say about your complete nearsightedness, here. If we’re being honest … you are looking trimmer and fitter by the week, no one wears striped crops any better than you do (perhaps no one wears them well!) and your lovely face and hair are all hidden! And you do have a pretty face. Harrumph.

    Kidding aside, I’m so happy to see you looking healthy and summery. And the perfectly caught baby-drool-in-time makes me smile every time I see it.


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