The Strangest Thing I Saw All Week


Did the cicada die while eating the bee?  Did the bee die while eating the cicada?  How?  Why?  What does it mean?

Well played bee apocalypse, well played.

There are dead cicadas every where these days.
Clicketyclackclicketyclack  clickety   clickety    clickety      clack.
And where the corpses are not, there are molting shells.

“The average person rarely sees an animated version of a cicada nymph because the mature nymphs emerge from the soil at night, climbing the nearest vertical surface, and then splitting the exoskeleton down the middle of the back to allow the escape of the wet, soft adult under the cover of darkness.” – Poetry by Bug Eric


It’s daytime you fool!

I have never professed great affection for the natural world but I sense a crush developing.  The kids have made me slow down and observe the world much more closely and I kind of like it.  Don’t be surprised if the next time you see me I’ve got this tattooed behind my ear:


Clicketyclack.  Shhhh!

More from Cicada Mania:

QuestionWhat do they eat?
Answer: Most cicadas subsist solely on the fluids of living trees. This fluid is called xylem. In early stages of their life, they will live off the fluids of small plants like grasses, but they move to tree root systems as they grow older. Adults live off both the fat stored in their bodies as well as fluids from trees. If you capture a cicada, giving the creature a broken branch to suck on won’t nourish it. The best thing to do is place netting around a live branch of a small tree and place the cicada in that.  (NOTE THE ABSENCE OF BEES.)

Question:Are cicadas attracted to the sound of lawnmowers and other machinery?
Answer:Yes, cicadas are attracted to the sound of lawnmowers, weed whackers, hedge trimmers, etc. Female cicadas think that these machines are males singing, and male cicadas show up to join the other males in what we call a “chorus”.  (WHAT?!?  NO, SERIOUSLY, WHAT?)

QuestionYou can see letters on a cicada’s wings: either W or P. W means there will be war, P means there will be peace. Is this true?
Answer: It’s very true that you can see the shapes of letters in a cicadas wings. Consider this an “old wives tale” or “urban legend”. If you’re worried about war, consider that there is a war going on somewhere in the world at all times.  (BUZZKILL.)


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