Visible Monday: Red Denim Salvation

Ack!  Look what happened to my white jeans:

Red Denim

That is rust.  Or blood.  Let’s go with rust.  It’s also on the other hip and the markings will not wash out.  With autumn a whisper away and most of my pants now too large, I need these jeans.  There was only one thing to do: dye ’em, stove-top style:

They turned out well as it’s kind of hard to screw up dying white cotton, but I wonder how quickly the dye will fade.  I don’t know that I need pink jeans in my wardrobe.

With the red bottoms I took it easy on top with a navy tiered Target tee (every woman I know owns one of these and I have three myself) and my old faithful Gap denim jacket.

Red Denim

There’s something living in that gutter to my right.

Red Denim

WHAT is inside there?

I topped the look off with my delightful ma zhong earrings and these great animal print loafers from Target.  Again with the Target.

Red Denim

When I was much younger I owned a pair of red sweatpants.  Whenever I wore them, someone I knew would say “Her ass looks like the broad side of a barn.”  This was always said after I was ordered to walk by and to whoever was in the room at the time.

Today I wear red denim in appreciation of my spirit and ass, both of which persevered despite the weight they carried.

I hope you are proud and strong today, feeling good in your Visible Self.  Connecting with Patti at Not Dead Yet Style.  Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Red Denim Salvation

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