Visible Monday: Well I Never

Well I Never

Today’s post comes in the form of a Thank You to those who inspire me to stretch my stylish self.  But more about you below.

This outfit is something I would never have put together before joining Patti’s Visible Monday.  I would habitually and comfortably pair such vibrant pants with a solid top and let my accessories provide a spark here and there.  But not today.  Today I took a chance with this tiki tee I bought in the Mission neighborhood in San Francisco by coordinating it with the colors of the pants.  Adding my “neutral” animal print loafers and my pink string art earrings and I was ready to take the day.  To me this is a great mom-on-the-go outfit that is 1) very comfortable, 1) easy to breastfeed in and 3) just interesting.  It says something, even if that something is “huh”.

If you’re looking for some style inspiration, check out the links below, buried in my love notes:

Thank you Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for providing the platform and always keeping it fresh.

Thank you Heather at Vintage French Chic for reminding me to be thoughtful about my style choices.

Thank you Chelsea at She Said He Said for simply looking fly but also for offering a man’s POV.

Thank you Not Dressed As Lamb because, well, look at you.  You make me believe I can do what you do.

And thank you Thrift and Shout for your ingenuity and wherewithal.  (wearwithal?)

Happy Monday out there!


6 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Well I Never

  1. Hello, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog today. Nice to meet another upper midwest blogger. You are looking cute and happening in this casual outfit. I like your short haircut and sunglasses!

    blue hue wonderland


  2. Thank you, Lisa, for the nice compliment. We’ve been “sharing” for a long time now. I think you are looking fly yourself. Your post-baby bod is looking great. xo


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