Blue Painter’s Tape

They say duct tape can fix anything but with its light adhesive and bright color, I find blue painter’s tape to be much more practical.

I use it to hang Arlo’s artwork in his playroom.

Blue Painter's Tape

I use it to map out a lane to the utility room.  “Clear is the path that leadeth to the washing machine and righteous is the boy who maintaineth.”

Blue Painter's Tape

Blue Painter's Tape

And most recently I used blue painter’s tape to create an ARLO ONLY cabinet, high enough to hold that which he does not want to share with Farrah.

Blue Painter's Tape

So it better be all Narnia up in there because it needs to hold everything ever.

Our friend Hope recommended, among many other things, “Siblings Without Rivalry: How to Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too.  Kris read the book and just in time because Farrah started crawling last week and is eager to get all up in her brother’s business.  And Arlo is not having it.  I am grateful for the six months of sibling adoration we’ve enjoyed but I fear that’s coming to a violent end.

One of the tips the author recommends is to provide a shelf or cabinet where the elder sibling can stash his untouchables.  Another tip is to remove the word “share” from your language and replace it with “take a turn”.  So level-headed.  So child-first.  So difficult.  I can feel my old-school-ness dust off its cane and dodder up to and out of my mouth:  “I don’t want to share MY television with you today.  No thank you.  Not today. HOW YA LIKE IT NOW PLAYA?”  I need to build a tolerance for this as it goes against everything I was brought up with and then reinforced platoon-fold by the Army.

Wish me luck.  Viva My Evolution!

Blue Painter's Tape


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