Visibile Monday: Microfashion

Arlo chooses his own clothes every day, within climate appropriate boundaries, and my hope is that he enjoys this freedom and even one day embraces the statement he can make by simply getting dressed.  What happens all too often however is that getting dressed turns in to a “job” that drags on forever but that he mustfinishalreadycauseyou’remakinguslatejustputsomethingon and boy, is that conflicting with all that freedom and fashion and stuff.  But at least we’re planting the seeds.  Right?  Right.

A recent slammin’ outfit:


Note the hands in pockets.  Mr. Cool.

My heart skips a beat when my child mixes prints and patterns.  The shorts he originally picked were red-and-blue plaid and much plainer.  Something prompted him to change into these orange-and-blue plaid cargos and to me, they make the outfit.  That something was probably the pockets but who cares?  He looks awesome.

Here is our good friend Nola Jane, working the last drop out of her summer wardrobe:


I had to capture her in those lime green sandals which matched the lime green smocking in her berry-pink top.  Add the skinny jeans (jeggings?) and Menna’s matching leash and voila, a style star is born.  You go girl.

And finally, the style of the one for which I am solely responsible:


You will almost always see my non-ambulatory, attached children in onesies.  Until they can pull down their own shirt over their own belly 1,852 times a day, they’re going to have snaps in their crotch.

These shorts were Farrah’s go-to shorts all summer long.  They coordinate with everything and are just bright and fun.  This day I paired them with a recent Polarn O Pyret top, by far my favorite line of kids’ clothes.  Cute and easy.

Here’s another ensemble:


I saw these pants at Goodwill without having any idea what I would pair on top, but I couldn’t resist them.  Luckily a friend had given me this orange onesie on which she had sewn a turquoise giraffe patch.  Safari theme complete!

Want to stay happy today? Check out Instagram and Humans of New York for more Microfashion.

And finally finally, here’s my Visible Monday outfit and my micros:


These are the last pants from my Goodwill summer stash.  They are sporty and this recently thrifted Gap hoodie is a light, bright, end-of-summer topper which is also easy to to breastfeed in.  I’d normally be wearing a pair of grey Keds-type sneakers with this outfit (sporty!) but I washed them and ruined them last week.  Oh well, they had a good run.

A good run.


Happy Monday!


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