Week in Review – 29 Sept. 2013

You know you’re a blogger when you meet someone and introduce yourself by your blog name. “Hi! I’m Black Panty Salvation!”. Gah. How embarrassing. But how fun recognizing this fellow Madison blogger’s son from Arlo’s soccer game this weekend? I had to say Hi and go all fangirl. And now look – my husband is in her picture that is on her blog that I read. Madisonception.

Nemmie Mueller


Here is the part where I am supposed to write words, but: (1) I am tired which is shocking news, I am sure, since I whine about it every week; (2) I have a few other things I really should be focusing on right now, like oh: getting ready for the work week; and (3) I am one of those lucky people who gets reactions to shots so here I sit, 4 days after my flu shot, with a giant, searingly hot bulge on my left arm at the injection site and it is ITTTTTTTCHYYYYYYYYYY, DEAR LORD HELP ME. Totally distracting.

Where was I… ah yes! So we’ll just start this off by admitting that I pulled out my camera a staggering 4 times this weekend. And twice I used it only because it happened to be in my hands, on its way to a safe spot to put away…

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