Dye Job

I saw these outside of a San Francisco salon and they made me chuckle:


I really want to go blonde, VERY blonde, JAMES blonde, but I don’t want to deal with the maintenance until I go gray.  This Dear Readers, is my First World Problem.

Hair Apparent

So the minute you see me platinum, you’ll know what lies beneath.

As to cutting my own hair, when I used to wear it very long I liked to pull it back in a French Braid.  Looked great and felt good but one thing always bothered me – the uneven tip.  You know, the hair that is on the other side of the rubberband or in my case, scrunchie?  To rectify this atrocity I would simply hold my braid over my shoulder with one hand and cut off the end of my braid with the other.  So quick, so even, so straight.  SO SHORTSIGHTED.  At the end of the day – or the next time I washed it – the length of my hair was as jagged as a lightening bolt.  Unwise.  Not recommended.

I got my haircut (by a professional) the other day.


Not really anything wrong with the Before, I just needed a trim around the neck and ears.  It is now either too short or full of too much product but either way it will be perfect in a week, much like that avocado sitting on my counter.

I’m also back to this part of my life:

Hair Apparent

Sorry for the blur but there was a lot of motion/commotion.

Ahhhh I remember these days with Arlo so well.  Thank god for the giant mirror and soothing hair dryer.  And boobs.  Thank god for boobs.


Never Alone Shower


3 thoughts on “Dye Job

  1. The chalkboard signs are so funny, and yet convicting. I’ve done the shameful (self dye and cutting layers into my hair (gasp), and cutting the greys around my temples because I don’t want to dye it again (yet). Need to let my uneven layers grow…..and yes, I need a dye job.


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