Smartest Person In The Room

Everyone I know is smarter than me so I was thrilled to read this quote in The Economist Pinterest:

Via Pinterest

I’m doing it right!

This quote reminds me of the time I complimented one friend to another by saying he was the smartest person I ever met.  Without skipping a beat my other friend replied, “You need to meet more people.”  Funny and smart.  See what I mean?

Because I surround myself with people smarter, more smart?, smarter than I, me? I? me, I try to learn small amounts on many topics as an exercise in staying relevant.  That is why I love articles like this:

Nine Questions About Syria You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask  and 20 Questions You Have About Obamacare (though honestly 20 is TOO MANY)

This is how I get my news.  I’m not embarrassed.  If you too are knee-deep in dimples and diapers and deprivation, these amuse-bouche news bits will keep you in the know or at least give you a taste of it.

My husband Kris was recently talking about when the Baby Boomer generation dies, there is going to a massive slump in the housing market.  He said he and his friend Brent were talking about this when they met up recently.  My friends and I talk about sleep, boobs, tantrums and whether we’ll ever have a cigarette again.  Ha ha.  Like we actually get to talk.

I was flattered Kris initiated this conversation, so with the kids quiet in the backseat, I grilled – I mean peppered him with every question my brain could conceive, and because he is the smartest person I know, he volleyed back like Wikipedia.  Here are some of the gems I came up with:

Are there really THAT many more people of that generation?  Come on.

What years were they born?

Are you saying there are less people now than there were then?

How can that be?

Huh.  I thought Boomers was just a name but you’re telling me there was an actual boom in population?  Like, that significant?

Don’t care!  Not embarrassed!  I spent years delving so deep into fertility and birth that I could talk circles around anyone on those subjects.  Now I have kids and can’t even draw a circle.

I introduced myself to a neighbor the other day and we got to chatting about this and that.  Friendly man, highly accomplished, father of two and about to publish his first book.  Walking away from the conversation I realized the only thing I wouldn’t have to google later on was the name of his dog.  I’d better invite him over and add him to my circle.  I hope he likes graham crackers and peeing with the door open.


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