MMM – East Side

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

We live, work and go to school on the west side of Madison but Kris and I get our hair cut on the hip, cool, edgy, bohemian East Side. (Of course we do.)   So once a month we cross town and try to make an evening of it.  Friday night was such evening so while this happened

East Side

Farrah and I took a stroll and took in the sights.

East Side East Side

East Side

The most iconic symbol of the East Side besides skinny jeans and tattoos are the Dreamkeepers.

From City Dictionary:

“A three story metal sculpture on the Capital City Bike Trail, commissioned by Don Warren, designed by Doc Evermore (Tom Every), and constructed by Doc and his wonderful group of artists. The sculpture is of two birds composed of materials from Madison businesses including Fiskars (the wings made of hedge clipper blades), Warren Heating and Air Conditioning (the tin snips that form the beaks, the blowers that are the bodies of the birds and still turn on a windy day), and the Badger drive-in (the legs that held up the drive in movie screen).”

East Side East Side East Side

Pretty impressive and better yet I think in silhouette:

East Side East Side East Side East Side

More ironwork at the same location:

East Side East Side

While I love the ease and friendliness of our neighborhood, I delight in these East Side outings.  I am reminded of my past in a more urban and yes, exciting, environment and those memories make me feel good.

Thanks Madison.  You’re pretty awesome.

East Side


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