Momma the Hutt

So breastfeeding is going well.  In the beginning I was worried that Farrah was not that interested.  Ha ha.  In breastfeeding.  You know when they say just survive those first three months, they mean it.  Don’t read in to anything.  Now she’s eager and efficient and quite at home boob-side and it feels good and right and easy, just like with Arlo.

And speaking of Arlo, guess who has been home sick and asked to “have the other one” while Farrah was nursing?  Oh boy.  I was not expecting that as it has been months since he weaned, but I just went with it.  Whatever.  He was on for a minute and then thanked me.  I told him you can leave a tip at the door and he said Momma what’s a tip and I said YOU’RE a tip and then he giggled and said No Momma YOU ARE a tip!  And then I giggled and


Breastfeeding.  Sometimes I think about the zombie apocalypse and I imagine myself breastfeeding Shane and Darryl what remains of the human race.  Those who are not out fighting are back at camp, foraging and feeding me so that I in turn can feed everyone else.  I just eat and eat and lie around and my whole job is to store fat and calories so in turn I can Nourish All Of Humanity.  I am the single most important person left on the planet but sadly my looks have suffered.


Delusions of grandeur aren’t always pretty.


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