Sick Day

Sick Day

“A day brings hope”
Arlo: What is hope?
Me: Hope is a good feeling about tomorrow.

Arlo was home sick for three days last week.  Outside of a low grade fever and scratchy voice, he was asymptomatic.  This sounds like a relief until I tell you the fever kept him out of school and home with me and Farrah.  I was mildly terrified as am already stretched thin.  What would we do all day?  Lie on the couch drinking orange juice and watching Daniel Tiger?  Not this kid.  I come from the school of thought that says “if you’re well enough to play, you’re well enough to go to school”, but times have changed.  FOR THE WORSE.

But what do you do?  You plough ahead.  And it wasn’t so bad.  Not bad at all really.


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