Visible Monday: Tie-Dye

Nida Mae, our friend and neighbor, celebrated her 5th Birthday with an Arty Party.  Part of the fun included all of the kids making their own tie-dye t-shirts and by all of the kids I mean Nida’s dad.


Tie Dyetie dye

With some party-prepped materials left over, Steph and Seth offered to do more dying (is that right?  those words together do not look right) a couple of days later.  I brought up a plain white tee and look what they made!

Tie Dye

I have always loved tie dye and I’m so grateful to have this top created by my friends.  And for what it’s worth, Arlo loves his t-shirt so much that there have been tears when I’ve told him IT MUST BE WASHED BEFORE YOU CAN WEAR IT AGAIN.  Child.  Please.  Go pick something else.

I topped off the tie dye top this day with earrings my Mother-in-Law gifted me:

Tie Dye

To round out the trippy palette, I wore my beloved pink eyeshadow:

Tie Dye

I’ve included this photo is because I’m thinking about replacing all my powered makeup with creme.  ACK.  See all that pink smeared and faded away?  I took this picture less than two hours after applying that eyeshadow.  The reason it is so smeared is because it never set.  The reason it never set is because I am using the leftover beeswax from my belly cast as face cream.  The reason why I am using beeswax as face cream is because I am resourceful as hell.  And I don’t drink enough water.  And I’m 43.  And winter is nigh.  I think it’s time to put away the dry powders and take every opportunity to slather my face in goopy creme, whether it be to support, maintain or adorn its appearance.  I’ll keep you posted on the transition, though I hope you’ll see my dewy glow and render an update redundant.

Head on over to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style to get inspired this week, but first . . . since I’m on tie-dye I felt a Visible Monday Flashback was appropriate.

From October 15, 2012’s  Optical Illusion

21 Weeks

21 Weeks

Optical Illusion

From October 18, 2013:



3 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Tie-Dye

  1. I love that last photo so much, Lisa. Tie-dye parties sound like epic fun. Thanks for sharing the joy with Visible Monday!


  2. You look so great. Wonderful outcome on all the tie-dye, but your shirt is clearly the most gorgeous thing! Yeaaay you. Love your dimple, too. Always wanted one. Perhaps if I win the big, big lottery, I shall have one installed!


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