Creative Gig

This is my cold-weather Army jacket.  There are many like it but this one is mine.  Really.  This really is my GI cold-weather jacket from 1992, never worn because I opted out of the Army in August.

Why have I saved this jacket? I honestly don’t know other than it is mine, the OG GI, but who cares when it’s just been sitting in a box?  It’s not going in a frame, it’s not going to be made into something else, so I’ve decided to wear it.  I’m proud to say it fits like a glove (22 years later) but it needs a little update.  That’s what prompted me to place this ad on Craigslist:


So far no takers but you gotta put it out there, right?  I have ideas, just no skills.  Embroidery, bedazzle-ry, button-ry, maybe a detachable pink maribou collar, what else? . . . Someone out there must want to get creative and get paid. I hope.

Speaking of, check out my friend’s handiwork on turning Farrah’s passport photo into an oil painting:




Original Photo. Might be the best I ever shot.

For realz.

One of the picks will be Farrah’s first addition to our Family Trees and like every other piece Chris Geymont has created, I will hang it with pride and grab it before dashing out the front door in case of a fire.

Perhaps you’d like one of your own?  Yes, within two days and for $5?  Then check, check: bettytrouble

Get creative!  Or if you’re like me, pay those who will.


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