Introducing Temple Techbuilt

Dearest Readers,

May I present

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 9.13.12 PM

a blog about my house.

From About Me:

I’m writing about my house here because

  • the Temple is unique and I want to highlight its features
  • I work in my house and take it seriously – seriously enough to give it its own showcase
  • I want to improve my indoor photography skills
  • I write about what I know and I want to write more.

From About Temple

Outside of its simple beauty and clean lines, I love my house because of its long walls of windows, peaked roof, defined separation between living and sleeping areas and most of all its lack of both attic and basement.  This supports my four living gospels:

    • Use what I have
    • Something comes in, something goes out
    • Less chaos outside means less chaos inside
    • Leave room.

Here are three new posts to whet your appetite:


Garbage Bag Ghosts

Kitchen Condom

Kitchen Condom

Hot Tub

Cool for the Cold

plus I’ve brought over the old Temple posts from the BPS archives.

Since writing Black Panty Salvation, that thing where you get more by doing more has happened to me so I’m going for it; I’m creating more.  I’m ever thankful for your kind comments and readership and if you want to get more by reading more, I hope you go to Temple.




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