Visible Monday: Body Con Poly

Deep in the happy throes of Farrah’s Annaprashan, here’s a quick and colorful Visible Monday this week.

I would normally wear a sari for such an occasion, but not only do I wear one clumsily, breastfeeding in it is a challenge.  I bought this dress from Amazon as an alternate:



Husband-and-Self portrait gone wrong but good detail on the dress.

The print hits heavy on the upper arm but overall a great purchase.  Because it is polyester I balked at the $68 price tag, but I felt good in this dress – for many, many hours.  Fair to say I now not only think it is worth $68 but I’ll buying another one in a different print.

And . . . I also wore a sari.


More on Farrah’s First Rice Ceremony coming soon!

Head on over to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style to get inspired this week.  Whoops!  Patti’s in NYC this week but that’s plenty reason to link over and see what’s what.

Om Shanti Shanti!


2 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Body Con Poly

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