Farrah’s Annaprashan: Prep and Puja

Delayed an hour out of Madison on the way to Newark, various shenanigans took place at Gate 4:

Annaprashan Annaprashan

I packed a new loofah (the pink thing in Arlo’s hand and around Kris’s neck) for Farrah to play with thinking she’d love the color and texture but it turned out to be the perfect ball for Arlo.  And that’s my second traveling tip for the year: pack a loofah.

This flight was not as horrendous as the San Francisco red-eyes but lousy enough in that 1) Farrah was awake day of departure from 11am to 8pm and 2) when she finally did fall asleep she refused the carrier so my arms, legs and feet were in constant pins-and-needles.  WHERE’S YOUR SOLUTION FOR THAT, SKYMALL?

The line for the taxi at 11pm did not improve anyone’s mood.


Refreshed the next morning, Mimmi and Dadu‘s home bustled.  The puja area was teeming with ceremonial objects and offerings

while everyone donned their sparkle and shine.

Family and friends gathered and the puja, performed by my Father-in-law, was underway.

“The feeding ceremony is often followed with a game, in which the child is presented with a tray containing a number of objects. These will include a bangle or jewel (symbolising wealth), a book (symbolising learning), a pen (symbolising career) and a clay pot or container of earth/soil (symbolising property). The child’s future direction and prospects in life are indicated by the object which it prefers to hold and play with.” – Wikipedia

Pen beats rock.



Thanks for reading about Farrah’s Annaprashan.


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