Visible Monday: Cher Was Here

Bob Mackie

Cher in a cardigan?  Probably not . . . but what if that cardigan was designed by BOB MACKIE?

Bob Mackie

Oh yeah.

When I saw the sweater on the rack I knew it would pair with my striped pants and animal print loafers, and an underlayer would be simple.  I started to question whether the hip-length and tan color would flatter but then stopped – it was $5.00.  Shut up and take my money.

A little research tells me it’s QVC (!) and also comes in turquoise.  Here’s the back detail:

Bob Mackie

So this cardigan is a keeper for me, for this season, for $5.00.

Hope you get your money’s worth this week!  Joining Patti at Visible Monday and for some extra good time fun, a slideshow on Bob Mackie on Cher, here.


2 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Cher Was Here

  1. You … lovely in Bob Mackie! It’s own mystique and quirky fabulousness. You are looking SOOO good … you must be feeling completely fantastic! Hope adorable child is well and thriving.


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