Visible Monday: All Dressed Up

All Dressed Up All Dressed Up All Dressed Up

Full disclosure, this is Saturday’s outfit.  I got all dressed up to go see Farmer Jason at High Noon Saloon with my family and then Farrah fell asleep 20 minutes before we had to leave.  Homebound, I had a photoshoot while the fellas went off to play.

All Dressed Up


This outfit is all about the blouse.  Now that we’re in winter I’m all jeans all the time, even red ones, so my tops need to have a POW!, and this one does.  It’s also a button-down so I can easily breastfeed.  Like Body Con Poly however it is polyester and again I balked at the price ($70) and again when I put it on I stopped caring.  Love this print and color.  Thanks Calvin Klein.

The jeans are also new, still my trusted Levis 529 Curvy Bootleg but in a smaller size.  Speaking of a smaller size, when you lose weight you lose it in places you never think about.

All Dressed Up

I have always ran hot and cold on watches and ever since carrying a cell phone I’ve eschewed them all together; relegated to the uni-tasker boneyard.  When Kris surprised me with this watch for our anniversary however, I gasped at the red velvet box and then I knew what I’d been missing all along – A WATCH IS JEWELRY.  So now I wear it everyday and it is as much a part of me as is my wedding ring.

I still check my phone for the time.

Joining Patti at Visible Monday this week.  Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “Visible Monday: All Dressed Up

  1. Gorgeous on you, too, that blouse. Really pretty and such a surprise! Yes … watches are jewelry! I have a drawer full, and wear them constantly. I think they make a woman look like she’s paying attention to the world around her … and it suggests a certain attention to detail.
    You are looking so svelte … good for you.


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