Holly Madison Nutcracker

At a friend’s suggestion I’ve decided to take Arlo to see The Nutcracker this Christmas, hoping to make it a classic, annual tradition for the two of us.  I searched for a video clip to show him and when googling “Madison Nutcracker”, this popped up:

nutcracker las vegas 151212

I opened the thumbnail pic because I saw the belly and am obsessed with celebrities and pregnancy (and pregnant celebrities), and when the picture filled the screen Arlo gasped, exclaiming “Oh!  She is SO BEAUTIFUL!”  While clutching my chest and suppressing the sting, I asked, “What makes her beautiful?  What do you see?” Arlo responded, “She looks like a princess!”

Oh shit says the brunette, brown-eyed mother.  Oh shit says his Indian sister.  But it’s not about me and its not about Farrah Star, right?  And there’s no reason why a fair-skinned, long goldie-locked lady can’t be beautiful too.  Too.  TOO.

Now I very much want to show Arlo this picture of Mindy Kaling to get his visceral reaction:

Costume Institute Gala Benefit "PUNK: Chaos to Couture"

But I’m scared to socially experiment on my child.  And I’m scared he’ll just say “Who is that?”  “Is that AUNTIE?!?”

On a related note, I just took my measurements for my mother-in-law who will have a kurti or something made for me in India.  This is so I will never have to wear jeans to another Bengali celebration.  After taking my measurements I thought about the “classic” 36-24-36 hourglass figure and I laughed and laughed.  Oh how I laughed.

Happy Weekend!


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