Forward Thinking

We got our Christmas tree on Saturday and not at the Home Depot parking lot which I vowed to do after last year’s fiasco, but at a tree farm.Forward Thinking

Forward Thinking

It was cool because we were going with our friends and this farm had reindeer.  Two reindeer!  One of the workers greeted us wearing a reindeer pelt though, which felt counter-something to me.  He had the sweet eyes for Farrah Star, naturally, but when I strapped her in the carrier, forward-facing, he said, “Whoa – I sure hope when you fall you fall BACKWARDS!”  And I gave him a chuckle as I continued to work the straps and buckles and then he said it again and then I think again and since I couldn’t escape I asked if his property was unsafe, could I expect to fall while getting my Christmas tree?  Then he chuckled and I finally got to walk away, baby attached.

This exchange did two things, 1) made me feel a twinge of guilt for wearing Farrah forward and 2) reminded me about the controversy over forward-facing strollers.

“Parents who choose a stroller that seats their baby facing away from them could risk long-term development problems in their children, according to a study published Friday.  The research found that children not facing the person pushing them were significantly less likely to talk, laugh and interact with their parents.” – PHD in Parenting

I’ve yet to push Farrah forward in a stroller because it doesn’t feel right to me, study or no study.  She does not want to be that far away from me.  Wearing her forward, yes, but pushing her, no.  At some point that will change, after all, now I do with this Arlo:

Stroller Envy

Maybe this switch will happen sooner than Arlo’s, maybe not, but I trust Farrah will let me know when Farrah is ready.  Maybe by next Christmas when I swear we will be at the Home Depot lot picking out our tree.


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