Baby Stockings

I’ll never be rich because I keep trying to pull nails out of the wall with my fingernails.

I’ll also never be rich because I did not think of these:

Baby SocksBaby SocksBaby Socks

Those socks are sewn to those pants.  If you look up adorable in the dictionary you will see a picture of baby socks.  On a kitten.  Baby socks are adorable but they are useless, certainly on a crawling baby.  Or a kitten.  Who’s going to pull those tiny things up all day every day?  Not it.  Someone in San Francisco is getting rich though because she is making something useful out of adorable.  Such a simple idea for which I paid $32.

Farrah does has more baby socks than she needs and since I don’t sew I made this instead:

Baby Stockings

Our very first Advent Calendar!

Baby Stockings

(Farrah didn’t have 24 white socks, I took her stash and then bolstered from Goodwill.)

Baby Stockings

Our first stocking held the activity of painting each other’s nails with sparkly polish.


And the countdown to Christmas begins!

Where are my gloves?


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