Visible Monday: Replenish


I went shopping this weekend because since losing some weight, my winter wardrobe looks like this:


Some fine options and I can dress on very little (remember my 100-Day-Wardrobe?) but at least half of those tops are very breastfeeding-unfriendly.  I needed to replenish my stores and came home with two INC tunics and one Michael Kors blouse and all three for $60.



On a side note, these three tops fit well and they are a M, L and XL.  One of the best things I did to improve my style was forget about sizes and just try things on.  Then I mull it over and try them on again, even if that means buying them and possibly having to return later (you know, kids + shopping), even if it’s for a $20 tunic.  I could have that tunic for many years and I think very seriously about such purchases.

Today’s top is a vibrant print deep in my color wheelhouse, and I’m wearing my Wisconsin winter staple on the bottom – jeans. This top also has a neato link detail at the neck which will keep Farrah busy in her favorite seat, my arms.  The length of both tunics is not great for breastfeeding (more fabric to hike up and over) but they are thin and worth it because they are pretty.  (Crap, did I just write that?)


My eyes are swathed in a green eyeshadow (MAC) and by swathed I mean swathed.  I’ve decided to I can save 30 seconds by just brushing shadow all over my eyes and brow instead of trying to color in my lids.  Efficiency.


Praying to the gods of time management.



Another day, another MAC shadow.

Hope your week kicks off in style, in any size and in any color.

Joining Patti at Not Dead Yet Style.  You should too!


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