For Being Good

Thank you Whole Foods!  Why yes, that would be the perfect Christmas gift!  I’ll take two!For Being Good


For Being Good

Nope.  Sorry Arlo (and Alexander). I should have at least cracked it open before buying.

“You were good so I bought you something!” Nope.

“If you be good you’ll get stuff.” Nope.

I’m just going to avoid that good/bad thing altogether.

Also, there’s a onesie for that:




“Good” or “Bad” Describes Milk, Not Kids:  Don’t Label Your Children

Don’t confuse your child’s behaviors with their identity. “Bad” and “good” are words best used to describe milk or your day. “You are a bad boy!” or “You are a good girl!” are phrases that label, shame, and even favor. Decide today to stop labeling your kids. If their behavior is unacceptable, use words that describe their actions, like unsafe, hurtful, unkind, or disrespectful, etc.. When their behaviors are positive, try words like cooperative, patient, kind, helpful, loving, or giving, etc. Your kids will hear your words in their heads for a lifetime. Try to make those memories encouraging!

I returned those books to Whole Foods and instead bought two organic, hydroponically grown, locally sourced lumps of coal.  Merry Christmas Kids!


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