Pretty and Privilege

I have so many thoughts and ideas rattling around my brain that I like to write and photograph something new everyday.  Sometimes however, somebody else’s thoughts and ideas rattle my brain and I must, must, MUST spread the word.  Sarah at Hope Avenue is somebody and these are her words:

Fuck Pretty


by Jenny Saville

That image.  These words: “Beautiful is exciting, new, crazy, sexy, fearless, wild, angry, emotional, uncontrollable, and free. Pretty is tamed into submission by a CHI hair straightener, a pasted on smile, and a pair of skinny jeans.”  Worth it.


My Place of Privilege

As I wrote in the Comments:  “This hits home. Thank you. And thank you for using “bourgeois-as-fuck” which heretoeverafter will be known as my band name. Or porn name. I can’t sing.”  And because Mariah.

Thanks Hope Avenue and thanks to you too Dear Readers.  Speaking of your words inspiring me, tell me your parenting/candy/army/fertility/sleep deprivation/Bermuda/Bengali story.  Visit Salvation!  Add your information and I’ll contact you about publishing.

Happy Weekend!


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