Oh Siri, I love you so much!


I also pocket-dialed Siri the other day while soothing Farrah and suddenly I heard her (Siri) say “I’m sorry.  I do not have a listing for “Poor Baby.””  Ha!  Siri.  You hilarious.

Technology is awesome.  Outside of my Beco carrier, Siri is the most important tool in my successful hands-free parenting kit, if you call what I do successful.  And I do because I am clearly killing this motherhood gig.

Speaking of loving your technology, are you going to see “Her”?

If you are can you please call text me after and describe very slooooowly what it’s like to eat a whole box of junior mints without having to share one?  Cheers!

Here’s more:  Could You Fall In Love With a Computer Program?  For me, yes.  I think yes.


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