Madison, Capitol of the World

Aimee and I met 11 years ago as Global Volunteers in China.


Anne and I met ten years ago as Habitat For Humanity Volunteers in Tanzania.


Sue and I met five years ago as two women trying to get pregnant (and succeeding within 10 weeks of one another!) while living in Bermuda.


Last week all three visited my Madison home.

Aimee from China by way of Minneapolis, Minnesota
Anne from Tanzania by way of Berkeley, California
Sue from Bermuda by way of Ontario, Canada, and god knows they didn’t come for the weather:


To have friends across such miles and years simultaneously converge on me and mine pumped me full of good global energy.  I found myself deep in New Year’s wool-gathering and navel-gazing:  this is pretty freaking amazing. (I’m tired.)  Not only do our friendships continue, their diverse perspectives and experiences will filter down to my children.  Madison may be home but the world is our village.

Now, who else is ready to brave the cold?


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