MMM – Inhabitants of Owen Conservation Park

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

Owen Conservation Park butts up against Crestwood Trails which butts up against our backyard and it is a jewel of the Madison Parks system.  Farrah and I walk there frequently and did so Saturday while the weather still complied.  It was a balmy 17 degrees.


We went for the fresh air and exercise but I also took my camera and Tamron zoom to fire some practice shots.  It was a flat, gray day with a few flurries so I wasn’t expecting much, I just hoped to catch a squirrel or rabbit bouncing in the snow.  I was pleased to see a few cross country skiers and fired off a few snaps as they swooshed by.


 Further down the trail I did catch a squirrel but he caught me too and decided stayed put.


As I inched closer however, he bolted and scurried up a tree.


It was then I noticed something else; something white and soft and fluttering.


Well, Hello Gorgeous!


She even smiled at me.


I gingerly stepped forward but every inch brought me closer to what I assume was her nest.



One final step set her off and I, frozen in raptor rapture, couldn’t change my settings in time to properly capture her flight.

Owen Owen

 Now pissed off, she gave me her best Angry Bird


while my spotter sent me off with a wink and a smile.


Hope you had a wonderful weekend and discovered something that lifted your spirits.

Until next time, Dear Readers!


Your Madison Explorers


6 thoughts on “MMM – Inhabitants of Owen Conservation Park

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