Heavy is the Hand

When looking for Advent calendar ideas this year I came across a colorful watch at Whole Foods (take ALL my money, please) and thought it perfect for Arlo.  He doesn’t know how to tell time nor will he ever need to – watches have already been subjugated to jewelry, in my opinion – I bought this watch because I was desperate for Advent calendar ideas.  Twenty-four days.  Good lord.

He loves his watch.  What I love about it is the gravitas it adds to my four-year-old’s being.

See how serious?


Places to go.  People to see.  Zs to catch.  My my.

His very adult accessory reminds me of the time I wore cufflinks to work and my every gesture carried authority.  Every move I made was deliberate for the first time in my life.  Then I thought about all the times I’ve worn bangles on both wrists, usually for a Bengali celebration, which are also heavy but lend no authority.  Cufflinks are tight, bracelets wiggle.  Cufflinks are silent, bracelets jingle.  Wiggle and jingle have their rightful place but so do substance and control.  If you haven’t worn cufflinks before, I encourage you to don a pair at your earliest convenience.  Same with bangles on both wrists.

Hey – even the internet agrees!  Here are some gems unearthed from a “women wearing cufflinks” search:

“There is nothing wrong in a female wearing cuff links.”

“Since women are allowed to wear cufflinks…”

“Cufflinks are cufflinks.”

“I hate gold on me anyway. Gold looks good on black people.”

Let’s just stop there, crazy-ass internet.  And nope, I’m not linking to who said what.

Finally on a related note, when Arlo opened up a Slinky for Christmas he exclaimed “Look Momma!  BRACELETS!”  All in due time, son.  All in due time.


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