Visible Monday: Fat Pants Thin Pants

Do you have clothes that used to fit?  Hanging there, mocking you?  I do/did.  I have three pairs of pants; two Banana Republic and one ABS (and unsurprisingly all three striped) that I have packed, unpacked, re-washed and re-hung for years.  The ABS pair I have had since the mid-90s and over the holidays* we got reacquainted.

Fat Pants

My friend Allison was having a Solstice Spectacular party so I also added some ice.Fat PantsFat Pants

As a huge proponent of getting rid of that which I do not use, it makes no sense I would keep these pants for so long, but . . . that length!  that shape!  that material!  None of the three are remarkable in style and maybe pragmatism drove me to keep/hoard them; they are neutral trousers that I can wear every day if only they fit.

They fit.

So here I am, better late than never, wearing those old pants and feeling happy that I held on to them.  Unremarkable, neutral things happen to those who wait!

Happy Monday!  Linking up with Patti at NotDeadYetSyle for Visible Monday.  Thank you Patti!

*Speaking of keeping things, this post is slightly aged because Visible Monday has been on hiatus and I gained four pounds and have only been wearing jammies due to the Longest Winter Break Ever.  But the pants still fit.  It’s a Solstice Spectacular miracle!


5 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Fat Pants Thin Pants

  1. Saw you wearing your baby at Patti’s Visible Monday and just had to click! I no longer baby wear but your carrier is cute, the only thing cuter is you and your baby in the photos.

    I had clothes that no longer fit and majority were given away and donated. I still keep some and I can’t part with them for one reason or another. Hopefully like you, they’ll fit someday!


  2. Saw you wearing your baby at Patti’s Visible Monday and just had to click! I no longer baby wear but I have to say that your carrier is cute. The only thing cuter is you and your baby in the photos!

    I have a lot of clothes that didn’t fit me anymore especially after having our son. I’ve mostly given away or donated them but I still hold on to some and I cannot understand why. Maybe, like you, someday they’ll fit me again!


  3. That’s true for most things unworn and uncomfortable things. Heave ho, and fogedaboudit. But, some things just command true wardrobe love and insist on waiting for you … there’s a way to think of it! They won’t rest ’till you can wear them to rags!
    You look quite gorgeous with your ice, and baby’s admiration is adorable.l


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