Good Hair

I’ve been thinking a lot about hair lately.

1.  In an effort to solve my identity crisis, I want to shave my head.  I want to have my head shaved.  St. Baldrick’s is coming up in March.

2.  Or I’m going to pull the trigger and finally go blonde.

3. I also want to cut Farrah’s hair.

Hair has been on social media’s mind as well:


People are abuzz about Blue Ivy Carter’s hair.  I write “people” but what I mean is “neanderthals” because Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z, is two years old.

“Fix that baby’s hair.”

“Why would Beyonce let her daughter’s hair look like THAT?”

“Why is her hair not combed?”

Evolve!  It’s fun!

“There is nothing wrong with that child’s hair. It’s going to grow to be long and silky and if for some reason it doesn’t, Blue will have the best hairdresser working on her mane by the time she’s 10.” – Global Grind

I have a dream that one day we will all stop talking about children’s physical appearance, especially girls.

On the topic of hair, have you watched Chris Rock’s 2009 documentary, “Good Hair”?  He was inspired to make it because one of his very, very young daughters asked him, “why don’t I have good hair?”  The trailer pushes it as a comedy (Chris Rock), but it digs much deeper on society’s demand and definition of beauty.  It’s funny!/It’s enlightening.  You’ll love it.

This documentary is the first time I heard about tonsure:

Tonsuring is a common ritual rite in the temple town of Tirupathi (South India) and daily both men and women tonsure in thousands. Hindu devotees offer their hair to Lord Balaji for favors received, to show gratitude and respect. Both men and women offer their hair. It is interesting to note that more than 1,500 women partake in the ceremony daily. Temple authorities sell the hair thus obtained. In 2007, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams sold human hair worth 450 million Indian rupees. The long hair of women is more priced and used in making hair extensions and wigs. – The National Center for Biotechnology Information

That’s 7.3 million dollars.  That’s recycling.

Hair.  So much thought and energy towards something that is dead the minute it exits my scalp.  Perverse really, and yet here I am, ready to book an appointment.

Good Hair to you, Dear Readers.


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