MMM – Living Art Aquarium

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

Arlo’s birthday is one week before Christmas so in an effort to dam the sudden deluge of toys, I bought him a fish tank last year and asked for fish in lieu of gifts.  It worked out wonderfully.  This birthday I just gave up.

The fish tank is beautiful and peaceful and a lot of work.


It’s safe to say Kris and I like it way more than Arlo but still I like him to have it in his room and I hope he’ll mature in to it.  If not, second child, amirite?

A year and many deaths (accidental) later, we have become frequent customers of Madison’s Living Art Aquarium.


If you can see it, you’re too late.

Aquarium Aquarium Aquarium Aquarium AquariumAquarium

“Living Art was started in 2005 with the goal of providing the Madison area a place to go and grow passion for the aquarium hobby. After more than 15 years of experience, we have found suppliers who are reliable and share the same mentality of moral over money.” – Site

I like Living Art as an independent, speciality store managed by a helpful and knowledgeable staff.  Witness my exchange with Katy yesterday:

Me: Oh!  These Blue Moscow Guppies are beautiful!  Does the name Guppy imply they’re going to turn into frogs?

Katy:  No.  Guppy is a type of fish.  These were bred locally, right in Madison tap water, so you should have no problems, and they are all males so no babies.  The breeder bought a mating pair for $150 and keeps all the females.

Me:  Of course! I’m also looking at these tiger-looking things . . .

Katy:  Nope.  No, those are no good with the guppies, they’ll chew on the guppies’ tails.

Me:  Okay!  I like these neon ones.  So shiny!

Katy:  Perfect.

Me:  How many should I get?  Do they like to be … what’s the word … togeth..

Katy:  Schools.  In schools, yes.  I recommend three minimum.

Me:  Great!  Thank you, that’ll do it for me.  Say, can I blog about you?

Katy didn’t laugh at me, snicker or even roll her eyes.  That’s great service and that’s why I hope you’ll visit Living Art Aquarium if you find yourself buried in too many toys next year.


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