Filled with Fat

On fat:

Arlo: “Momma, why is your belly so soft?”
Me: “Because I had two babies in there!”
Arlo: “Yeah, but Momma?  That was a long, long, LONG time ago.”

Why you little…

Me: “Yeah, but Arlo?  You like my soft belly.”
Arlo: “Oh yeah!  I love it!  It’s so so SO squishy!”

Just the day before he touched Farrah’s foot and asked “Why is Farrah so soft?” and I replied, “Because Farrah is filled with fat and fat makes everything soft.”

Look!  My four-year-old can put 2+2 together.

In the hot tub:

Arlo: “Momma your legs are squishy.  Your WHOLE BODY is squishy!”


Me: “Yeah, whatever, okay.  What does your body feel like?”
Arlo: “Hard.”
Me: “That’s because you are all muscle.”  (Panic)  “And I am all muscle too, but on top of my muscle I have fat.”
Arlo: “How did you get fat?”


Me:  “Fat is okay.  If I have too much fat then I need to exercise and eat differently.  But some fat is good.  Fat helps me make milk for Farrah.  Hey – did you hear that?”

Filled with Fat

Aaaaaand scene.

One must tread so lightly during these impressionable years.  Yes, it’s okay to talk about our bodies and ask questions about why mine looks and feels different than your own.  Yes, it’s okay show you’re comfortable in your own squishy skin.  Yes, you can always ask me anything.

Did you hear that?


5 thoughts on “Filled with Fat

      • Ah, what did I say? I’m trying to think. I told her fat is not a bad word. And I think her classmate is just getting confused on what is considered healthy. Sometimes people can get sick if they don’t exercise/eat too much. But people can also get sick if they exercise too much/eat little. There’s a balance. And everyone has different bodies, we just need to stay healthy. I think she understood.


  1. Amen. I got out of the shower this morning and was struggling with NOT thinking negative things about my body. Then Carlos yelled “Mama!” ran over to me and wrapped himself around my jiggly leg. THAT’S what matters about my body–it made two people.


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