MMM – Middleton Beach Road

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

A friend of a friend lives on Middleton Beach Road and curious about a place I’d never been, I drove down the lakeside stretch one morning.  If you think I am running out of things to do with Farrah Star day-after-day-after-groundhog-day, you’d be right.

I was curious because it is close to my home and it is on Lake Mendota.  I expected a scenic excursion and indeed it was, especially at the end when I came upon these tiny row houses.  I vowed to return and shoot them in better light.





You can see the difference between the row houses and the more luxe lakefront properties on Google maps:


Summer houses only, I suspect, as they all appeared abandoned when walking by.


We reached the end of the road which opened to the Lake Street Public Access, and happened upon some fisherman calling it a day.


They hauled all their equipment, which included that makeshift sled and another trailer, off the lake with an ATV.  All of this was then driven up and on a trailer which was attached to a pick-up truck.  All for seven perch.  Is that a lot?  I don’t know. It seemed excessive but there is an outdoor winter culture here that I’ve yet to fully grasp.  I also spoke to a woman there who was searching for her husband who had been skiing on the lake for the last two hours.  I assume they were reunited.

Speaking of ATVs, there was a parking lot full of them on the lake.  A parking lot on the lake.  The whole scene was very Mad Max: Antarctica.


As crazy as it appears, it does inspire to get out and wander, as long as the ice is thick enough.

Until next time Dear Readers, stay warm and stay curious!


Your Madison Explorers


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