MMM – Breakfast with Bald Eagles

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

I’ve had almost 24 hours to process what I saw yesterday, a delay for which I am grateful lest this entire post be in ALL CAPS WITH !!!! AFTER !! EVERY! WORD!!!!

We went to Prairie Du Sac (about 30 minutes northeast) to spot bald eagles.  I read there is an active population there and after capturing the hawk at Owen Park, I’ve been geeking on birds.  I never expected to see an eagle on our first outing – truly never – but when we arrived at the Ferry Bluff Eagle Council Overlook, lo and behold:


And that was in the first five minutes at our first location.

Eagle Eagle Eagle Eagle Eagle Eagle

The sun was shining, the landscape sparkling and the birds hungry.

Eagle Eagle Eagle

We dipped into the Blue Spoon Cafe for breakfast but I could hardly contain myself.  I ate as fast as I could, plucked Farrah Star from her high chair and ran to the window.  Eagle.  Eagle.  EAGLE!  We dashed back to the Overlook to enjoy environs more lovely and even slightly warmer (!) in the rising sun.



I could have stayed all day but we had to get moving for a chance at nap.  Farrah fell asleep quickly in the car, that happy little tomato, which enabled us to migrate to a different viewing spot.



We remained in our car, respectful and awestruck, along with everyone else in the theater.


What was one suddenly became many.



The biggest spectacle was when this eagle (or falcon?) snatched a fish and then a bald eagle tried to snatch it away from him.  I wish I’d captured it cleanly but you can imagine the drama.Eagle

It’s hard for me to describe the happiness derived from this adventure; the joy that comes from seeing a wild thing live freely in its wild world, the simple act of getting out of the house with your favorite people and doing something new.  Vitamin D.  The good feeling of eating steel cut oatmeal and fresh berries.  The adoring glances your children garner.  A baby napping.


And the happiness of knowing I can return again and again to recapture those feelings.

Thank you, Madison.



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