Hanging Laundry By The Ocean

When we were having breakfast while spotting bald eagles this weekend, some people were just having breakfast.  Same time, same cafe, same windows but you know, just eating.  Some folks were even chatting and reading the newspaper, (kids: a newspaper is a printed publication consisting of folded unstapled sheets containing news) when all that time there were eagles perched outside the cafe’s windows.  Inside I was screaming “LOOK AT THAT!  THAT BIRD IS ON OUR DOLLAR BILL!”  (kids: a dollar bill is a piece of paper money worth one dollar).  I wanted someone to be just as excited as me.  I wanted a high-five but people just wanted their coffee.

Eagle Eagle Eagle

Then it dawned on me that this is their normal, they can have coffee while eagle-watching any day of the week.  It reminded me how I used to hang laundry in the backyard of our Bermuda home.

Cloth Diapers

This is Kris of course, but you get the idea.

People would often ask “What is it like to live in paradise?” or “You must hang out at the beach every day!” It was hard to keep my inner asshole in check when responding because well, it’s life.  “I still scrub toilets, I wash the dishes and I still do laundry.  I get to do all that with the most spectacular view in the world, but I still have a life”.  In other words, there may be bald eagles perched outside my window but I still need to read the forecast and finish that Sudoku.  Life needs living.

All this introspection led me to another happy conclusion; my life – my many backyards – has been surrounded by beauty and majesty, from sea to shining sea.

A Happy reminder:


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