MMM – That One Alley In Chicago

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

It was so good to leave Madison this weekend – which is not a great start to a Mostly Madison Monday post –
but we had a great time in Chicago and I hope you’ll forgive the stray.  It’s not too far.

While waiting for a take-out order to be ready, I headed over to Urban Outfitters to buy nothing because I am 43.  I had to wait somewhere indoors though and who knows, maybe Kris could use a threadbare SWAG t-shirt for all the swag he swaggers.  I think everything in that store was $5 so I rolled up my sleeves and hit the racks.  I then noticed the checkout line.  I calculated how much time I had left on the earth and if any of it should be spent standing in line for cheap stuff I don’t need.  I went to the grocery store and bought plain yogurt and a box of tissues instead.

On the way, something most terrible and awesome caught my eye.


WTF, Winter.

Then I noticed the whole alley was painted up.


Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago

It was gloomy and dirty and stunning and I thought random, but then I noticed at least two security cameras perched overhead.  This was a relief as I was certain 1) I was not supposed to be back there and 2) I was going to be pushed down on the ice and have my camera and purse stolen.  We needed those tissues.  The cameras offered another clue; this was some underground bad-assery business right here.

“Chicago’s oldest nightclub is as unlikely as its location. Deep in the heart of Lincoln Park, is the dark and naughty Neo, a stark contrast to the main character in the Matrix Trilogy whose name was inspired by the club. – Site”  The Wachowski’s were born and raised in Chicago, turns out and “Early drafts of the screenplay identified the city as Chicago, and most of the street and landmark names referenced in the films are from Chicago.” – Wikipedia

I never know where my feet and camera are going to take me, sometimes it’s to the grocery store and sometimes to the birthplace of a cinematic icon.  Blue pill / red pill.


One thought on “MMM – That One Alley In Chicago

  1. I headed over to Urban Outfitters to buy nothing because I am 43.
    HAHA!! Love it. Interesting alley and great pics. Hope you have fun in Chicago!!


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