Properly Outraged

A friend asked about Farrah’s sleep, noting it must be improved since I haven’t written or ranted (my word) about it recently.  Well, let me right that wrong:  tap tap tap tap tap tap ta…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…zzzz

Farrah’s sleep has improved.  Improved?  Become consistent.  Since acknowledging – then accepting – my 9-month-old was only going to nap once a day, she has maintained that schedule.  I can usually count on 90 minutes, typically without interruption.  There is comfort in consistency.

The woman at the spa today — don’t get any ideas – this is what I mean by “at the spa”:

never alone never alone never alone

cooed over my darling daughter and asked, “Awwww, is she sleeping through the night for you?”  And I laughed.  Oh how I laughed.

This was how Farrah slept the other night:

6:30pm – Asleep
9:30pm – Awake
11:30pm – Awake
2:40am – Awake
4:20am – Awake
5:15am – Awake
5:45am – Start the day!

This is how Farrah sleeps every night.  There is horror in consistency.

I don’t rant about her nights for several reasons:
1) I’m not alone at night like I am during the day.
2) Things were much the same with Arlo at this age.
3) I sleep with my baby.

Many years ago I chummed around with a work colleague who was a young father of a young three.  Clock ticking, I frequently pestered him on the topic of parenthood and this is what he said about co-sleeping:  “Ugh.  I don’t want to sleep with my kids!  I want to sleep with my wife.”  And I nodded in agreement, “Well of course!  Yeah, UGH.”  Now that makes me laugh.  Oh how I laugh.

You do what works for your family, god bless America, and what works for my family is me sleeping here:

Farrah's Room

and Kris sleeping here:

Master Bed

How do I know this works?  Because I don’t hate my husband for getting a full night’s sleep – in fact I encourage it because he’s the one who takes Farrah when she starts her day at 5:45am.  I know it works because we are kinder to each other than when she slept with us in the master bed.  I know it works because I never know how often she wakes up, I just roll over so she can breastfeed and fall back to sleep.  I know it works because every member of my family is getting the best sleep they can in this phase of our lives.  I’m exhausted of course but I move mountains while exhausted.  I bet you do too.

No one else can do what I do and that is 99% due to breastfeeding.  That’s the bed we made and that’s why we have to sleep in so many of them.  The only thing I ask – the only thing I require to sustain this deprivation – is that those who get the full night’s sleep be properly outraged for those who do not.

Properly Outraged

Next to “I don’t know how you do it”, “That’s ridiculous” is my favorite Valentine.  Also, thank goodness for the hot tub.


5 thoughts on “Properly Outraged

  1. Today, in the office break room, while I waited for the keurig to spit out my dried-out coffee pod beverage, I was cornered by a coworker who asked how the baby was sleeping (of all the questions to ask?). Oh you know, up every 2 hours. She proceeded to tell me how her first 2 kids slept through the night right off the bat but her third didn’t sleep through the night until six months old, and ended her story with “I had such good sleepers before that, it made it harder for me with that 3rd baby than for people used to bad sleeping babies”. I politely wiggled out of that conversation, went to my office with my coffee, closed the door, and had a good cry. Because, seriously.

    And you have a good 5 months on me in that area, so hat tip to you – you are surviving like a pro, and I love the brilliant sleeping arrangements (seriously something I am pondering now…). Hang in there my dear!


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