Stick With It

I’m not up on Jimmy Fallon’s transition (promotion?) to The Tonight Show because I have neither a DVR nor an ounce of stamina, but I do know about his baby, Winnie.

“Fallon and Juvonen struggled to conceive, having their six-month-old daughter Winnie via a surrogate. “It’s not easy, you know,” says Fallon. “Probably people have struggled harder than we have, but we tried for about five years and it’s really hard, I mean, my wife is a trouper and I love her, but it’s not fun and it’s really, you know, it’s emotional. It’s tough. So anyone out there, I say, like, stick with it, and I send them the best vibes, and it will happen. It will happen.”” – NYMag

That’s a man for whom I’d stay awake all night.

Talking about my fertility history during my 4th Trimester Bodies Project interview was another opportunity for catharsis and I am grateful for it.  If you are struggling, my heart goes out to you and like Jimmy Fallon says, please stick with it.

Start now.  Stay aggressive.  Never quit.

If you’re in the United States, consider joining a RESOLVE Support Group, and if you’re in Bermuda, Paperwhites.  I could not have made it through without the comfort and unity of others.


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