I Am Going Bald: Bald Before Me

I'm shaving my head to benefit St. Baldrick's Foundation on March 16.
This series will document why I'm doing such a thing.

My grandmother died from cancer when I was 11 years old.  My mother and I returned to the house to find my dad in the garage.  He was holding his coffee mug that read “how’s your love life?” and taking a sip he whispered “She’s gone.”  His blue eyes were rimmed red, outlining the pain of never seeing his mother again.

Two of my father’s sisters had cancer.  Aunt Delphine passed from hers but Auntie June came through it just last year.

Melissa’s mom endured breast cancer but Jacob’s father succumbed to leukemia.

Lisa and Laura’s mother is being ravaged by cancer as I type these words.

Pat survived and so has Sarah’s father and Sue’s mom.

My friend survived too. When she first met Arlo she was in the depths of it and wearing a wig.  At a busy restaurant, she was scared Arlo would pull it off so she made a game of playing with his hands instead.

Joyce Joyce

This is Liz.  She and my husband Kris are friends from about 10 years back.  In what is the most poignant portrait of parenthood I have ever seen, Liz’s mother removes the last of Liz’s hair – with duct tape.

liz 3Liz 2 - Version 2

Liz today:

“I was diagnosed first time in Oct 2008, and this last time in Dec 2012. I’m doing ok! I had a scan in Dec & it showed nothing, so I’m just kind of at a stage where we’re just monitoring things. It’s limbo. It’s annoying, b/c there’s no definitive “Yes! You’re cured” moment for me. And probably won’t ever be. It’ll just be “Well, it’s been X years now, so the probability is lower than it was a year ago! Hooray!” Soooo…that part sucks. So in the meantime, I’m just working on my bucket list, b/c you never know, right? I’m thinking Galapagos in May.”

Maia is now thriving:


In honor of those who have gone before me and with admiration and affection for those who are growing it out, in 20 days I am going bald.

If you would like to donate to St. Baldrick's to help fund childhood cancer research,
please click here.

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