Shop ‘Til You Drop

When I wrote about dying that one time (only once? really?), the internet totally got on board with the idea.  I know this because seconds after posting, my facebook page was populated with these ads:


Awww…look how white.

Today at preschool drop-off, a friend shared how Spotify keeps suggesting she listen to Jack Johnson because she listens to Dave Matthews but she does not like Jack Johnson, so she keeps suggesting Spotify go eff itself (my words).  Give it up, friend.  The internet will tell you what you should like and who to listen to and how to prepare your family for your impending death.  Because hey – you were the one who brought it up!

“What would happen to your children if something happened to you?”  More importantly, what would happen to your children’s remaining parent if something happened to you?  I have made sure Kris can spend all his time wallowing in sadness after I’m gone by staying organized now.

Shop Shop

Nope, no need to remarry.  Just focus on your loss/me.

Roughly 98% of these clothes have been handed down to Farrah Star.  Our friends are so awesome and generous that I don’t have to buy anything for my babe for until she’s three years old.  If I did though, I sure would load up on Tea Collection this week!  Free Shipping brought to you by my son’s preschool!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 10.48.58 AM

Say! You should shop Tea Collection this week too!

And THAT internet, is how you advertise.

BPS Out.


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