Evil Tweets


Farrah Star, a living tweet:


Do you tweet? Nevermind, I would know as I recently joined Twitter and the first thing it (she? he?) does is find all your tweeting friends.  What was the last thing you tweeted?  What’s your favorite thing about tweeting?  Can you tell I have a four-year-old?  I joined Twitter to push BPS on another audience and while I find the 140-character platform highly appealing I don’t know if I have that much pith to go around. Maybe I could tweet my facebook status but that just seems lazy despite all the copying and pasting involved.  Work, work, work.  I occasionally look at my Twitter feed for fun (“I need to see other people, Pinterest.”) and sometimes, like above, it can be hilarious but usually it just gives me a headache.  I follow a lot of comedians and it’s clear I need to expand my list because Rainn Wilson, Ellen Degeneres and Patton Oswalt tweet 283 times a day.  Each.  The volume, the repetition (re-tweets!) and all of it written in today’s hieroglyphics @#@#@# makes my eyes burn — not unlike Farrah Star’s on her baby monitor.

I love being part of the social media fray but when it comes to Twitter I think I might just dip my tweet in.

Oh hey! Follow me on Twitter! @blackpantysalv (#hypocrite)


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