MMM: Again with Milwaukee

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

We love Milwaukee and if we are feeling adventurous we take a day and drive there.  Sometimes we even drive back on the same day.  We are not road-trippers.  The last time we went I wore a sundress so I think that was around the mid-19th century.  Time for an update.

We arrived, famished from the stressful and arduous 90-minute haul, and lunched at Taqueria Buenavista.  Thanks Yelp!  When I say “we” I mean Kris and Arlo went inside and ate while I sat in the parking lot with Farrah asleep in her car seat.  Then they came out and I took Arlo back inside and got lunch for myself while Kris sat in the car with Sleeping Beauty.  Parenthood.


Arlo, feeling his I-am-a-returning-customer oats, decided he would wait for me at the table while I ordered.  That table was in a whole other room so just like that (!) my baby became a boy.


I ate a chile relleno which is what I always eat at a Mexican restaurant.  Arlo ate a quesadilla which is what he always eats at a Mexican restaurant.  Meanwhile, I never saw anyone eat a tortilla chip as daintily as this young lady.


Lunch done and Farrah still asleep (Lunch Tag Team worked!), we headed to Discovery World which is where we always go when we’re in Milwaukee (Madison’s Children Museum reciprocal membership has paid dividends.)  THIS IS A GREAT MUSEUM!  One side is water-ish and the other machine-ish.  The first floor of the machine side has neon vellum-like walls which is a photographer’s dream.

Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee _MG_4109 Milwaukee

If inclined I could post these photos to Instagram or Twitter with #nofilter tag and mean it.

This side of the museum also housed an expansive Les Paul exhibit.  I confused Les Paul for Paul Allen.  I’m still not sure who is who.  I am tired.



One final shot and then off to the water side.


Upon entering the now familiar space (we visit the water side more than the machine side), some got bored and did what everyone does when they’re bored.


These two.


We made it down to the aquarium but bored quickly became tired and terror started to set in.  Our terror.Milwaukee

Running out of snacks that you’re not allowed to eat inside anyway, it was time to leave.


Another lovely visit to Milwaukee that was capped off by both kids falling asleep in the car.  We were beside ourselves with excitement – FREEDOM!  What should we do?

Nothing.  We’re still in the goddamned car.

Peace, Milwaukee!  Always a pleasure and always worth the drive (sincerely).


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